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Opening Night

by Bridgette Stocks

If Opening Night was any indication of how the entire Broad Ideas Exhibit is going to go, we are all in for an exceptional treat! To put it simply, the Broad Ideas Art Show is stunning.

I met with a few of the Broads-in-Charge (Irene, Carol, and Cathie) back in November to talk about this show; learn where the idea originated, how they chose the featured events, and what they hoped people would take away from the show. One of the first things that they told me was that “it feels like its time” for this show. The wall-to-wall crowd at opening night tonight must have agreed.

From the moment you walked through the doors, you were met with an immediate sense of joy and celebration. The love and support in the room was palpable. Yes, some of the art is deeply personal and incredibly emotional (shout-out to the Broads for putting boxes of Kleenex out around the room!). Some of the art might even make people uncomfortable. No matter what your reaction to the art was, everyone there tonight understood how important it was to have these stories be told at all. The Broads-in-Charge created a true sense of community around this show.

I loved so many things about this show, but my favorite part was looking around the room and seeing who was there to celebrate it. The support tonight wasn’t limited to one gender, generation, or type of person. The crowd was just as diverse as the featured art itself.

Back in November, when I asked the Broads-In-Charge what message they hoped people would take away from the show, Irene answered: “I want people to feel seen, to feel heard, and to feel supported.” Mission accomplished.

The Broad Ideas Exhibit is on display at the Galena Center for the Arts until April 8, 2018. Make time to check it out. You won’t want to miss it.

SCOUT has a full piece coming out in the next few days on Broad Ideas, so stay tuned for that as well.


Broad Ideas is a show about empowerment and solidarity. It is about women being able to control the narrative of their stories. It is humor and love and kindness and honesty brought to life by the arts.

Broad Ideas is an Arts show dedicated to telling women’s stories. This 6-week show in March 2018 at the Galena Center for the Arts will highlight the range of experiences, feelings, and realities of those that identify as female.  It is a celebration, an acknowledgement, a community of support and solidarity.

COMING SOON:  Read SCOUT’s interview with the “Broads – In – Charge”.  In the meantime, see more here:

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