October 2013: The Storytelling Issue

Everyone has a story.  And stories need to be told.  In our October Issue, we help tell the story of Staci Plath Boeck’s Journey with Breast Cancer and then we listen to Terri Reid talk about how she goes about the business of storytelling in her books.  Both of these women are fantastic storytellers, and we were honored to have featured them in our October Issue.

I have known Staci for as long as I can remember.  We went to school together and graduated in the same class at Warren High School.  She has always been funny, warm, and very outgoing.  When the news broke of her breast cancer diagnosis, it was hard to believe.  She was only 30 years old.  That was my age.  And there wasn’t any history of breast cancer in her family.  It was scary to hear that this was happening to her.  But then I thought about the Staci that I knew and I smiled.  If anyone was going to beat breast cancer, it would be her.

When I contacted Staci about doing a story on her for the October Issue, she didn’t hesitate for a second.  In fact, I told her “Just take some to think about it and let me know.”  She responded right back with “Okay, I thought about it.  And its yes, let’s do it.”  We met one afternoon to go through her story and I found myself entranced, and at a few points, a little weepy.  Staci is a very powerful storyteller.  She’s animated but she’s also very sincere and honest.  She didn’t hold anything back.  This is exactly why we wrote the October Issue like we did, as a combination of our article along with her personal journal that she kept on Facebook about her journey.  From the very beginning, she didn’t have a single moment’s hesitation in sharing her story.  This was in the hopes that her story could make a difference.  Staci knows that early detection saved her life, and she’s using her story to encourage women (and men!) to get checked out and to continue to get checked out.

Staci may not have realized it at first, but I hope she knows now just how many people are supporting her through her journey with breast cancer.  On October 8, 2013, we brought Staci back “home” to Warren High School to honor her at Warren Volleyball’s Pink Game vs Stockton.  All of the proceeds from the game, the t-shirt sales, and the 50/50 went to Staci.  Throughout the night, $1,500 was raised for Staci.  When I announced to the crowd that she stood before us cancer free, the crowd erupted in a standing ovation.  She tearfully thanked everyone in that packed gym that night, as well as everyone who has been there throughout her journey.  But really, we should be the ones thanking her.  Thank you, Staci.  Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring everyone to embrace early detection and preventive measures against breast cancer.  And thank you for such being a positive role model in this ugly fight against cancer.

 Staci Plath Boeck with the Warren and Stockton Volleyball Teams at Warren’s Pink Game Night on 10/8/13


Terri Reid, local author, is a fascinating woman!  When we met to talk about her work for her SCOUT feature, I didn’t want the conversation to end!  It was only when I made it back to my car after our meeting that I realized that I held that poor woman hostage for over two hours!  She is so captivating in person that I knew that I would enjoy her books.  And I was right!  The Mary O’Reilly series that Terri writes is so enjoyable.  It’s got everything you could want:  a strong female character, ghosts and other paranormal activity, crimes and investigations, and of course, a bit of a love story.



If you haven’t checked out the Mary O’Reilly series, make sure you do so at www.amazon.com.  Book Eleven (of 15) just came out in August, so get caught up today!



More importantly, Terri just announced some very exciting news on her website:  she is releasing a new series next week! Here’s the announcement itself:

This is the cover to my newest book – Eochaidh – legend of the horsemen. Eochaidh (pronounced like jockey but with a “y” sound instead of a “j” sound at the beginning) is the Celtic word for horseman and it’s where the word jockey originated.  This is a YA Fantasy set in Ireland and filled with love, humor, mystery, action and magic. I’m releasing it next week and I really hope you’ll like it!

Thank you again to Terri and Staci for showing us the art of storytelling.  Do you have a story to tell?  Let us know!


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