Here at SCOUT, we aren’t the “feature it and forget it” type of business or, if you will, a business with a one-night stand mentality.  We pride ourselves on building relationships with those that we feature in our magazine and we work hard to intentionally stay in touch with them so that we can continue to support each other’s endeavors.  In turn, we get to share those endeavors with our readers.

In that spirit, I wanted to provide a short update on what some of our featured subjects have been up to lately.  In this entry, we catch up with popular writers Erin Keyser Horn and Terri Reid, as well as Countryside Tours Galena.  I have provided their website addresses so you can find out more about these guys on your own, and you can also find each of them on Facebook.

Erin Keyser Horn:

Local YA Author Erin Keyser Horn has a few really cool things going on this month.  First is Erin’s Expressive Extravaganza!  Phew, trying that a few times fast.  Erin’ s Expressive Extravaganza is a contest about creativity.  She’s looking for an original way to express one of her story worlds, from either “The Thunderbird Legacy” or “The River’s Edge.”  You can submit artwork, videos, or photography.  The contest winner can choose between some custom-made feather earrings inspired by Ivy’s earrings in “Wings of Thunder”, or an Amazon Gift Card.  If you’re interested in entering this contest, you better act fast!  The deadline is Friday, February 14th.  Good luck!

Erin will also be facilitating a Writing Workshop at the Galena Public Library on Tuesday, February 18th at 6:00pm.  The Workshop is titled “From Characters to Plot and Everything In-Between.”  If you are interested in writing and want to hear some tips from a popular published YA author, go and see Erin on the 18th.

Countryside Tours Galena:

Countryside Tours will be operating back in full swing starting in April.  I took my first tour with them last summer, and it was a good time!  There is nothing better than having someone drive you and a group of your friends around the area while you sit back, relax, enjoy the scenery and an adult beverage.  Even as a life-long local this trip was a good time!   It’s easy to forget just how cool the area we live is, but taking a trip with Countryside Tours will certainly remind you!  Be sure to check out their website and follow them on Facebook to see the season-opening deals that they will be offering!

Terri Reid:

If you are a fan of Terri’s “Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery Series” then you will be interested to know that Book 12, “Treasured Legacies”, is out now!  There are only 3 more books in this series, so get caught up now!

Fans of the “Mary O’ Reilly Paranormal Mystery Series” might also be interested in Terri’s new book series “Eochaidh”.  “Eochaidh” (pronounced like jockey but with a “y” sound instead of a “j” sound at the beginning) is the Celtic word for horseman and it’s where the word jockey originated.

This is a YA Fantasy set in Ireland and filled with love, humor, mystery, action and magic.  Details on this new book series by Terri is found below:

Legend of the Horseman (Book One)

Over a thousand years ago a brave band of Knights of the Round Table agreed to enter Morganna’s castle and remove an ancient spell that allowed the sorceress the ability to travel in time. But they had been betrayed, Morganna caught the young men and despite Merlin’s protection, cast a spell upon them that would age them a year for every day they lived as men. Merlin did the only thing he could; he changed the men to horses so they could roam as immortals until someone could break the spell.

 For more than one thousand years, the Herdin family was charged with the duty to help the horses and break the spell. Once every hundred years, the signs aligned and another Herdin risked their life to free the knights. This time, Meaghan Herdin’s father, Lord John, is the last surviving male heir in the Herdin line. Will he be able to break the spell or will Morganna and her followers destroy Meaghan’s family?

 Set in Ireland in the 18th century, Eochaidh – The Legend of the Horseman, is filled with love, adventure, loyalty and magic




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