Cabin Fever

cabin fever:  (noun) a state characterized by anxiety, restlessness, and boredom, arising from a prolonged stay in a remote or confined place

Its official, Cabin Fever has officially set in for this gal.  Enough with the snow already!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of snow from Christmas until New Year’s, but after that, I’m over it.  And I’ve about had it with these sub-zero temperatures.  You know it’s bad when 10 degrees feels warm.  But most importantly, I’m tired of being stuck inside so much!

To keep from going crazy, I am going to forget about all of the nastiness going on outside, and focus on all of the cool things I have to look forward to doing in just a few short weeks.  This is certainly not an all-inclusive list, but here are just a few of things that are helping me get through this brutal winter:

St. Patrick’s Day:  Slainte!  (Slainte is Gaelic/Irish and translates to “Cheers!” or “To Your Good Health!”)  It is common knowledge that St. Patrick’s Day is my all-time favorite holiday.  What’s not to love about it?  It’s got great music, tasty food, heavy drinking, lots of dancing (probably due mostly to the drinking), and overall good cheer.  Nothing puts a smile on my face quicker than some good Irish music.  I can’t stop myself from clapping!  I have even been to Ireland (my version of a Holy Land) itself to celebrate this glorious holiday in person.  The Irish really know how to celebrate!  When I’m not in Ireland, I like to head to the Irish Cottage/Frank O’Dowd’s Pub in Galena for St. Patrick’s Day.  The Irish Cottage has live Irish music all day, Irish dancers, and great drink and food specials.  My friends and I park in there for the majority of the day, you know, to fully absorb the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.  If you’re in the area, stop in and have a drink with us on March 17th!


March Madness:  I am a true lover of college basketball.  I love college basketball for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it is that one place where if you work hard enough, if you want it enough, and if your team has enough heart, you can actually will your team to win, no matter who your opponent is.  College is that time where kids aren’t worried about money or contracts, where they are still coachable, and when they show the most passion for the game and for their team.  Now, I’m a Duke fan.  Correction, I’m a GIGANTIC Duke fan.  I’ve been a Duke fan ever since I heard Coach K talk for the first time.  He had me at hello.  I’ve stayed a Duke fan because I believe in how Coach K runs a Program and how he demands excellence.  These are lessons in basketball, but more importantly in life.  These lessons are never more evident than they are during March Madness.  I thought last year was going to be tough because of all of the talent in the NCAA, but this year the bar has been raised yet again.  It really is anyone’s game on any given night.  It’s no wonder that Warren Buffett is offering $1 BILLION (yes, you read that right, billion with a b) for a 100% tournament bracket.  It is absolutely impossible.  But that won’t stop me from trying!  Go Duke!!




The Slush Cup at Chestnut Mountain Resort:  The Slush Cup is an event that Chestnut Mountain holds to cap off their skiing season.  Participants try to ski or snowboard across a man-made pond on the slopes. The Annual Slush Cup competitions include “Team Survival” and “Last Man or Woman Standing.”  People get crazy for this!  I’ve seen girls try to do this in bikinis!  I don’t participate myself, but I certainly take part in watching from the patio.  The date for this year’s Slush Cup has not yet been set, but I’ll be sure to post it when the time comes.

Wine:  Do not misunderstand me here, I drink wine year-round.  When I say that I am looking forward to wine, it means that I am looking forward to visiting our Region’s wineries in warmer weather.  I find great pleasure in visiting our local wineries, talking to the wine makers themselves about the wine I’m drinking, how it is made, and learning about the bottle (did you know that the shape and color of the wine bottles mean something?)  After that I like to enjoy a bottle while sitting on their porches (it always seems like wineries always have porches!) in the warm summer air, gazing across their fields of vines.  So relaxing!  I am looking to have a heavy wine feature in our May Issue, so obviously I’ll need to go and do some more research for that very soon.  J

Golf:  As soon as the snow starts to melt and you can see any peek of green grass, my brain starts thinking about golf.  I think this is a remnant of college days, when we were dying to get back outside.  Any sign of warmer weather and we’d put the couch on the lawn and get the bean bags out!  Sorry, I digress.  Even though golf is one of the most frustrating sports for me personally to participate in (I get frustrated easily when I’m not good at something right away), I do enjoy it.  I do not have a favorite course, and I like to try new ones out, so I’m looking forward to taking a tour of our Region’s golf courses this spring and summer.  Maybe I’ll see you out there!

What are you looking forward to that is helping to keep you sane through this frigid winter?  Let me know in case I need to add it to my list!



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