A few years ago, I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions.  Resolutions, not unlike rules, are made to be broken.  I feel limited by making resolutions in the New Year.  Having one goal at the beginning of the year is not my style.  I’m a serial goal-seeker, but I’m also realistic, so I need the flexibility to change my goals when life happens.  Setting different goals all year long and working to make them a reality, whether it’s personal or work related, is something that I thrive on.  I’m sure this is all part of my individual (and very healthy) competitive drive, but it is what works for me.

 So, instead of making resolutions, I adopted intentions.  By adopting intentions, I felt the freedom to set a purpose or attitude for myself and for SCOUT for the coming year, without the pressure of having to keep a resolution, or living up to one goal for the entire year.  Intentions allow for flexibility.  One tool that really helped me develop my intentions was a Vision Board.  Now, I’ve been told that Oprah has been given credit for Vision Boards, but I don’t think that is quite true.  Regardless, a Vision Board is a tool for me to utilize when deciding what SCOUT’s purpose will be in 2014.  Vision Boards are a way to visually and creatively layout our game plan.  Have you done a Vision Board before?   If you have, share it with us.  If not, I highly recommend trying it.  One of the most rewarding benefits of a Vision Board is that you are finally able to see everything that is in your head and in your heart regarding your personal or business goals.  It is so motivating to see all of your wishes laid out in front of you.

 In the January/February Issue of SCOUT, we give you a sneak peek at our 2014 Vision Board.  SCOUT’s Vision Board is filled with business goals (such as our Subscription Goal for 2014), topics we are looking to cover (Green Groups, Bands, Artists), motivating quotes (“Stay Hungry.  Stay Foolish” – Steve Jobs), events that we want to create (a summer music festival, an annual TED-type seminar), and long-term dreams (permanent office location, online magazine, more interactive applications) for the business.  With this Vision Board hanging in the office full of our 2014 intentions, we will constantly be reminded of what we are working towards this year, which is featuring our region and the amazing people within it, engaging our readers in important discussions and topics, and hopefully, spreading some inspiration around.

I had an out of town (well, out of the country really) houseguest over the holidays.  Having someone here who has never even been to the area before only reinforced how special this area is and how much we take it for granted.  Even though there was a polar vortex going on, and it was too cold to do anything outside, I still heard this:  “Wow, it really is gorgeous here.  And you have so much to do!  I wasn’t expecting that from such a rural place.  And everyone is so friendly!”  Thank you for the reminder 🙂



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